Change Your Feelings, Change Your Destiny….

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny. ~~ Neville Goddard

JoyDid you ever wonder why some people seem to coast through life, getting things they want, moving in and out of joyful experiences in healthy, vibrant bodies, enjoying prosperity and ease? If you think it’s because they’re more talented, or luckier, or smarter or braver or more worthy, you would be wrong. Things work out for us or don’t work out for us based on how we’re feeling most of the time.  And our feelings are caused by our thoughts.

So here’s a secret – if you want to change the quality of your life, change the quality of your thoughts. When you change your thoughts you change your feelings and feelings are what draw things into your experience. If you’ve never heard this before, it might sound preposterous – after all, we are taught that circumstances create our feelings. For instance, if your bank account doesn’t have as much money in it as you would like, and you feel bad about it, it might seem that your lack of money is causing you to feel bad. But in fact the opposite is true – our thinking, and therefore our feelings, create our circumstances.  You felt bad enough long or often enough to keep money from flowing to you.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever have a negative feeling again. It just means your negative feelings are guidance indicating you might want to choose different thoughts so that you can create different outcomes. This is actually good  news – you are an extremely powerful creator capable of being, doing and having anything you want – as long as your thoughts and therefore your feelings align with the objects of your desire. And you have the power to change your thoughts in every moment.

Random Thoughts

Your only “job” in this intergalactic affair called life is THINKING. That’s it. That’s all there is. And should you learn to focus your thinking, to dwell upon what you want instead of what you don’t want, and to live as if your THOUGHTS ARE MORE REAL than the prior manifestations that surround you, your life will become easy, floodgates will burst open, and if you want, everyone shall know your name.” ~~ Notes from the Universe

Here are some ways to practice changing your thoughts and therefore your feelings:

  • Decide. Simply decide that your happiness is paramount. Give up your addiction to negative thinking. Let’s face it, negative thinking is compelling. Complaining is compelling. Gossiping is compelling. Judging, criticizing and blaming is compelling. It’s what we’re trained to do. But negative habits of thought (and that’s all they are – learned habits) are not going to bring you perfect health or lots of money or fulfilling work or bodacious relationships. It’s not about being nice. It’s about being powerful.
  • Move. If you find yourself in the throes of negative emotion with nary a positive thought within reach, move your body. Take a walk. Workout. Garden. Complete an item from your to-do list. Clean a closet. Get out of the house. Dance. Stretch. Phone a friend. Take a bubble bath. Do whatever it takes to distract yourself and get out of your head.
  • “Pivot.” In their book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks recommends a process called “pivoting.” When you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want (and you will know you are if you are feeling negative emotion), think about what you do want, and why you want it. Example: I feel scared and powerless because I don’t have enough money. What is it that I do want? I want more money than I can spend. Why? Because I want to feel free and secure. Because I want to be able to help others. Because I want nice things. Because I want to travel. Think only about why you want something and not how it’s going to get here. Thinking about how will cause you to feel bad, because you don’t have the answer to that question. Just try to feel as good as you can and magical things will happen.
  • Appreciate. Make a list of things to appreciate about your life right now, things to be grateful for, people and things you love. I defy you to feel bad after doing this for even a few minutes! I appreciate my soft, warm bed. I love my Macbook. I love going to dinner with friends. I love sitting on my deck with a good glass of wine, watching the birds and the wind in the trees. I appreciate my loving, supportive family. I love this cup of coffee. I am grateful for the sun shining and clean water to drink. I love my car. I appreciate my boss – she is so flexible and supportive.
  • Forgive. Cut everyone, including yourself, some slack, already. Start small – don’t start with a major betrayal, we’ll work up to that. For now, start by trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. When you get cut off in traffic, let it go. If someone is rude to you, send them a silent blessing. If you let yourself down, find a way to compliment yourself anyway. NEVER, EVER, EVER criticize yourself. These things happen and Everything is always working out for me are powerful mantras to help keep you feeling good. It’s not about denying that bad things happen – they do and you’re probably justified in your anger/blame/resentment. But continuing to feel that way is only going to keep you stuck. Again, it’s not about being nice. It’s about moving  into your own power and living the life of your dreams.

Do you have any other ways of changing your thoughts and feelings? Let us know in the comments!


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